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Need to ramp up your team?

Our recruitment services focus on filling your vacancies using a straight forward process that guarantees delivery and quality of talent. Discover our sourcing methods and get to know more about the recruitment process.

Strategic Sourcing

Do you face challenges in setting up a sourcing strategy?


We developed a successful Sourcing process that expands upon traditional media buying activities and instead it is proactively searching for and engages with qualified talent to fill your company’s current or future positions.


In fact, in addition to our sourcing team and the standard use of job board we also have a dedicated channel (WiPjobs) that boost our talent pipeline building efficiently and effectively, allowing us to take control of the pipeline and initiate conversations with the best talent right away.

Recruitment Services

How WiPjobs Recruitment can help you in recruiting new employees?


Our Recruitment Services consists in helping our partners to find the best candidates that best fit their needs and to reduce their recruitment costs. As simple as that!


How are we different?


Our Team has an extensive knowledge of the RPO and Talent Acquisition Industry.

Talent Acquisition

Are you looking for an ongoing long-term strategy to find specialists, leaders, or future executives for your company?

Our Talent Acquisition oriented approach tends to focus on long-term strategy by finding appropriate candidates for positions that require a particular skill-set.

By leveraging market research and recruitment marketing we set in the stone a talent attraction and recruitment strategy that works almost on autopilot.

Download our Market Research sample for German speakers in Poland, for instance.

Market Research & Marketing

The job market and job seekers have shown tremendous shifts in expectations, demands, and needs. That’s why our in-house team makes sure the whole team stays updated on the latest changes.


We supports clients and client recruitment teams in challenges related to recruiting practices and talent allocation by delivering insights based on gathered data.


We help you attract candidates that feel connected and aligned with your organisation’s values by leveraging your unique Employer Brand in the job market using the recruitment marketing approach.

Our Amazing Clients

Business Process Outsourcing and Shared Services Center from all around Europe

More... Recruitment Services!

We offer reliable recruitment services for businesses of any size.


It can be challenging to find new employees, especially if there are clear deadlines that’s why We take care of all recruitment difficulties of firms of every size. We specialize in Sales, languages, IT, engineering, finance, and executives recruitment services.


We take into account all the requirements of your company enabling us to perform professional interviews, as we are well aware of the context and the appropriate terminology.


Having a vast background in recruitment and a good team of committed recruiters, we know how to solve workforce shortages and find the right candidates who are better suited to your team.


WiPjobs Recruitment is new-generation recruiting without the hassle.


To help you focus on your core business, we can take ownership of a part of your whole recruitment process. We offer cost-efficient solutions ranging from job analyses and design, recruitment and selection, interviews, on-boarding and much more.

We have a Dedicated sourcing specialist team who can find any candidate profile throughout different platform and social media channels. In other words, we are not exclusively finding candidates on our database nor patiently waiting for their CV.


The job market and job seekers have shown tremendous shifts in expectations, demands, and needs. That’s why our in-house team makes sure the whole team stays updated on the latest changes.


Redesign of the onboarding experience to reflect modern ways of working and increase the involvement of new employees even before they start working. We help to determine the art of the possible, identify potential roadblocks and create the future process.


As a result, companies increase their chance of becoming the employer of choice, reduce attrition and increase the productivity of employees.


Changing people’s lives by finding them a brand new career is no small feat. That’s why feel it’s imperative to fully prepare our Junior Recruiters to connect young professionals with great employers.


Throughout the candidate’s stay at WiPjobs we help them to develop and improve their skills that are essential to get a stronger position in the job market. Our aim is to educate, enrich, and empower them.

All the people at WiPjobs Recruitment have one common goal in mind; creating a unique and unforgettable candidate experience during each step of the recruitment process. Thanks to market research and the feedback we get from candidates we are able to tailor our approach to each of your needs.

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