Massive Team Ramp Up

The client

The client is a technical consultancy, customer experience and business process outsourcing offering comprehensive services in different industries with over 50,000 employees worldwide.


The challenge

With the brand new Business Service Center coming to Prague (Czechia) the client needed to hire around 200 FTEs within the first 12 to 18 months.


The majority of the roles required motivated, relatively experienced, and qualified multilingual talent available to join the company reasonably quickly and in most of the cases relocation to the Czech Republic was needed.


All the European languages were required for many of their inbound sales roles, some of them were for instance: Polish, Greek, Dutch, Finnish, Georgian, Slovak, Romanian, Latvian, German, French, Croatian, English Native, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Swedish, Danish, Italian.


The solution

Planning was the key to the success of this project. Therefore we:


  • conducted talent mapping and market research
  • built a solid sourcing and recruitment strategy
  • proposed a delivery model with weekly deliverables
  • looked at a recruitment marketing approach and implement it


The plan was then converted into the creation of an off-site Sourcing Team, working alongside with the supporting recruiter and the lead recruiter. During the process, they also guided each candidate in every step of the process and guaranteed an excellent candidate experience. 


Last but not least, we provided candidates with relocation assistance such as housing search, transportation, and partnership with local hotels and restaurants.

The results

  • 76 hires within 18 months
  • 5x faster-hiring process
  • Delivered impossible-to-get multilingual professionals
  • 25 pages of in-depth talent mapping and market research guideline

The client was able to hit its ambition plan and the overall approach worked successfully thanks to the effectiveness of both planning and execution.

Company Size

in Prague (50000+ Worldwide)
20 0 +




"There is absolutely no way we would have been able to scale up our team that quickly and successfully without WiPjobs. Thanks for saving us both time and money."

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