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Our expertise in recruitment enables us to deliver exceptional results to our clients looking for talent in Poland. However, we understand that true success comes from collaboration and complementing strengths. 

That’s why we have established strong partnerships with local experts in various fields, including co-working spaces, accountants, legal counsels, work permit and visa consultancy, and more. These trusted partnerships ensure we can offer a one-stop solution to your needs. 


Feel free to explore our partners’ profiles and discover the added value they can bring to your business endeavors in Poland.


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The high-performing IT Recruitment Agency in Poland: Ntiative IT Recruitment

Ntiative IT Recruitment specialises in connecting professionals with the perfect technical or engineering positions tailored to their skills and passions. With an in-depth understanding of the IT job market in Poland and the technology sector, we excel at sourcing the best talent for well-known companies such as Nike and TaskRabbit. Their mission is to provide employees with positions that align with their career goals and foster personal development.

Accounting, HR and Payroll: Easybooks

Easybooks provides accounting and payroll expertise in Poland for foreign companies. Their comprehensive services handle everything from new company registration to daily accounting, payroll, HR, tax compliance, and financial reporting. With Easybooks as your accounting partner, you can focus on managing operations. At the same time, they ensure your books are audit-ready, taxes are paid on time, employees are paid timely, and finances are optimised for growth. Their team of English-speaking experts stays up-to-date on the latest regulations so you can be confident you are fully compliant. Let Easybooks take care of the accounting details so you can concentrate on profitably growing your Polish business.

Co-working Space and Community: Yolk

Yolk is more than just a Krakow coworking space. They foster a vibrant community, offering diverse environments for flexible work. Choose from their ClubHouse, office desks, courtyard, or private offices. 65% of their members come from abroad, creating a fantastic English-speaking networking hub. One of their key features is the coffee shop that acts as a welcome area and serves great coffee, pastries and sandwiches. The perfect place to hang out and meet co-workers.

Employer of Record Services: EasyEOR

As one of Poland’s only local EOR providers, EasyEOR legally employs your staff so you can hire talent anywhere without setting up a local entity. EasyEOR handles the complexities of employment, payroll, compliance, and HR so you can focus on managing your team. Their full-service EOR solution provides a compliant, efficient way to build your Polish team. With EasyEOR as your EOR in Poland, you get access to top talent while maintaining control of your operations.

Immigration & Mobility: Krakspire

Krakspire is a local leader facilitating seamless work and residence permits for international professionals. With extensive expertise and a deeply knowledgeable team, they support navigating complex administrative procedures. Committed to removing barriers and promoting global mobility, Krakspire streamlines the often arduous process of securing the necessary permits to live and work in Poland. Their commitment to client satisfaction has earned them the trust of individuals and companies. For more information, please visit the Krakspire website.

Finance Recruitment: Ntiative Finance Recruitment

Ntiative Finance Recruitment, understands talent’s importance in powering your organisation. Their finance recruitment experts work closely with HR leaders and hiring managers to build their finance teams strategically. They leverage their extensive network and deep expertise to connect you with the best accountants, FP&A analysts, controllers, auditors, and tax specialists. Ntiative’s sole focus is helping you find, attract, and retain your business’s top finance professionals to stay compliant, minimise risk, and drive growth. Trust them to find financial superstars to take your organisation to the next level.

Legal services: JWMS

JWMS is an English-speaking law firm formed by attorneys-at-law Michał Jakubowski, Tomasz Wiese, Marcin Mazgaj, Mateusz Staszek, and Jan Marczyński. They aim to offer specialised, comprehensive legal services to large and medium-sized companies in Poland. They prioritise effective solutions, treating clients as partners and ensuring prompt execution of all orders. Partner with them for seamless legal support that empowers your business to achieve its goals.

Fractional CFO: Michał Marek

Michal Marek provides part-time financial leadership and expertise to organisations on a contract basis. Key benefits include accounting, reporting, budgeting, and financial processes oversight. Michal’s specialised knowledge helps guide strategic decisions, business planning and manage cash flow, financing, and compliance obligations. The fractional model allows small companies to access CFO-level expertise affordably without requiring a permanent full-time role.

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