Our Mission is Clear

We believe in the diversity of the job market that goes beyond borders. A market where people from different countries can work together with one unique common goal.


This way of approaching diversity can bring you the most of results as inclusive workplace drives innovation.


That’s what makes people and employers unique and that’s why we bring international talent and diversity into your organization.

According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), employee diversity is associated with better business results. Here the Two key findings:


  • Gender-diverse companies are more likely to perform 15% better
  • Ethnically-diverse companies are more likely to perform 35% better

Our goal is to provide the best international talent that brings long and lasting values to your business.


Different minds, different ideas and different approaches in a supportive environment are bringing the biggest positive changes in the world.


We preach what we believe that’s why we invest in having an international and diverse team, in fact, the real WiPjobs innovation lies in its Team with different backgrounds and focused on people skills.


By contributing to the internationality of the market in Poland and across Europe we help our clients to improve the quality of their new hires by adding values and expertise with the candidates they decide to proceed with.


At WiPjobs we do Recruitment together!

We recruit candidates in several sectors, ranging from Customer Service, Accountancy, HR, Technical Support to Insurance, Sales, Logistics, IT, Finance, etc…


Our clients are mostly enterprises with Business Centers or Share Service Center in Poland or companies from IT, Sales, Engineering, Customer Service, Hospitality, Medical, Finance, and Logistic throughout Europe.

We constantly strive to make the perfect match between the candidate’s qualifications and our Clients’ requirements!

Our Values






WiPjobs Recruitment Dare To Be Different